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Biological Scrubber h2s Deodorization Unit Bioscrubber Air Odour Control

The biological scrubber has the following features:

Efficient purification capacity: The bioscrubber uses the biodegradation capacity of microorganisms to efficiently remove organic pollutants in the exhaust gas, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ammonia, etc. Microorganisms grow and multiply inside the tower, forming biofilms, or bio-particles, that convert organic pollutants into harmless substances.

Wide applicability: The biological scrubber is suitable for the treatment of various organic waste gases, including industrial waste gas, chemical waste gas, printed waste gas, etc. It can handle high and low concentrations of exhaust gases and adapt to different temperature and humidity conditions.

Low energy consumption and low operating costs: In the process of treating waste gas, the biological scrubber does not require external energy supply, and the microbial degradation process is natural and environmentally friendly. In addition, it does not require the use of expensive media substances and has low operating costs.

Stability and reliability: The bioscrubber has good stability and operational flexibility. The microorganism is attached to the filler or supporting material, which can adapt to different load changes and operating conditions, and maintain a high processing efficiency.

    Principles of biological scrubber 

    MBR membrane bioreactor (MBR) is an efficient wastewater treatment method that combines membrane separThe basic principle of biological scrubber: biological absorption method is also called biological washing method. It is the use of microbial absorption liquid composed of microorganisms, nutrients and water to treat organic waste gas, suitable for removing soluble organic waste gas. The microbial mixture that absorbs the waste gas is then treated with aerobic treatment to remove the absorbed pollutants in the liquid, and the treated absorption liquid is reused. In the bio-washing process, the microorganisms and their nutrient ingredients are present in the liquid, and the gaseous pollutants are transferred to the liquid through contact with the suspension, thus being degraded by the microorganisms.ation technology and biological treatment technology. Its working principle is mainly based on the following points:

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    The working process of the bioscrubber

    Biological scrubber is a waste gas treatment device that uses microorganisms to degrade pollutants, which is usually composed of an intake pipe, a biological filter material layer, an exhaust pipe, and an air distributor. It works by degrading organic matter in exhaust gas through the metabolic growth of microorganisms, converting it into harmless substances such as water and carbon dioxide.
    1. Oxidative degradation: The air enters the biological filter material layer through the intake pipe, and contacts the biofilm on the surface of the filter material, so as to achieve the effect of oxidative degradation of organic substances in the exhaust gas.
    2. Adsorption: Organic substances in the process of passing through the biofilter layer, some will be adsorbed by the biofilm, and then achieve the purpose of removing organic matter.
    3. Biodegradation: After the organic matter in the waste gas is adsorbed to the surface of the biological filter material layer, the microorganisms are attached to the surface of the filter material, and the organic matter is converted into harmless substances such as water and CO2 through biodegradation, so as to achieve the effect of purifying the waste gas.

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    Composition of biological deodorization equipment

    Biological deodorization equipment mainly consists of the following parts:
    1. Pretreatment system: pretreatment system mainly includes spray tower, adsorption device, etc., which is mainly used to remove particles and some harmful gases in exhaust gas.
    2. Biological filter: Biological filter is the core part of biological deOlympic equipment, it is filled with microbial fillers, such as activated carbon, ceramic particles, etc., these fillers provide an environment for microbial adhesion and growth.
    3. Microbial strains: Microbial strains are the key to biological deodorization equipment, they multiply in biological filters, decompose harmful substances in exhaust gas,
    4. Post-treatment system: The post-treatment system mainly includes scrubber, activated carbon adsorption device, etc., which is mainly used to further remove harmful substances in the exhaust gas.

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    Analysis of internal structure of scrubber

    1. Tower structure
    The scrubber is mainly composed of the tower body, entrance, exit, packing, internal support and shell. The tower body is the main body of the scrubber, usually using cylindrical or polygonal steel structure or concrete structure. The main function of the tower body is to accommodate the filler and the sewage, and to achieve the purpose of purifying the sewage through the role of the filler.
    2. Packing structure
    The packing is an important part of the scrubber, which is used to increase the treatment area and strengthen the adhesion and propagation of the biofilm. Common packing materials are ceramic, PVC and other plastic packing, using a network structure, with a large specific surface area and good gas-liquid exchange capacity.

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    3. Import and export structure
    The inlet of the scrubber is usually set at the bottom and the outlet at the top. The structural design of the inlet and outlet should minimize the speed of the water flow to avoid the impact of the water to destroy the fill and the impact on epiphytic organisms.
    4. Discharge port structure
    The discharge port of the scrubber is usually set at the bottom and is the same as the inlet. The design of discharge outlet should fully consider the quality of discharge water and production flow, and design according to the actual situation.
    5. Other structures
    The internal support structure and shell structure of the scrubber are also very important. The internal support structure includes the water stop belt, the reactor chassis, the water inlet liner and other parts, which are used to ensure the stability and corrosion resistance of the scrubber. The shell structure is to protect the internal structure of the scrubber from damage and increase the service life of the equipment.

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    The packing layer in the tower is used as the mass transfer equipment of the gas-liquid interphase contact member. The bottom of the packing tower is equipped with a packing support plate, and the packing is placed on the supporting plate in a random pile. A packing press plate is installed above the packing to prevent it from being blown by updraft. The spray liquid is sprayed from the top of the tower to the filler through the liquid distributor and flows down the surface of the filler. The gas is sent from the bottom of the tower, distributed by the gas distribution device, and the liquid is countercurrent continuously through the void of the packing layer. On the surface of the packing, the gas-liquid two phases are in close contact for mass transfer. When the liquid goes down the packing layer, the wall flow phenomenon sometimes occurs, and the wall flow effect causes the uneven distribution of the gas-liquid phase in the packing layer, which reduces the mass transfer efficiency. Therefore, the packing layer in the spray tower is divided into two sections, and the redistribution device is arranged in the middle, and the spray is sprayed to the lower packing after the redistribution.
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    In summary, the internal structure of the scrubber includes the tower body, packing, inlet and outlet, discharge port and other parts. The structural design of each part is very critical, and the overall effect of sewage treatment needs to be fully considered. For users who want to use the scrubber, understanding the internal structure of the scrubber can better operate and maintain the equipment, which also helps to improve the efficiency and quality of sewage treatment.

    Function and application of biological crubber

    Biological deodorization scrubber is an environmentally friendly device that uses the decomposition of microorganisms to remove odor while washing and purifying the detergent. This article will introduce the function and use of biological deodorant washing, to help everyone better understand this equipment.

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    Bioscrubber action

    1. Deodorizing gas odor: The biological deodorization scrubber uses specific microbial strains to decompose odor and convert it into harmless substances, so as to achieve the purpose of removing odor.
    2. Washing items: The biological deodorization scrubber has a strong washing capacity, which can effectively remove dirt and bacteria on the surface of the item and improve the cleanliness of the detergent.
    3. Purification of water quality: biological deodorization scrubber can use microorganisms to transform harmful substances in sewage into harmless substances, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying water quality.

    Use of biological scrubber

    1.Industrial deodorization: Biological deodorization scrubber is suitable for a variety of industrial places, such as chemical, textile, leather, pharmaceutical, etc., can effectively remove a variety of odor, protect the health of workers.

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    2. Garbage disposal yard: biological deodorization scrubber can be used in garbage disposal yard to remove the odor generated by garbage fermentation and reduce environmental pollution.
    3. Public places: Biological deodorant scrubber can be used in public places, such as shopping malls, hospitals, schools, stations, etc., to ensure environmental health and improve public comfort.
    4. Personal hygiene: Families and individuals can also use biological deodorization scrubber to remove the odor of families and individuals and improve the quality of life.
    In short, the biological deodorization scrubber has multiple functions such as removing odor, washing items and purifying water quality, and is suitable for various places and uses. By using biological deodorant washes, we can better protect the environment, safeguard health, and improve quality of life.