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Belt Filter Presses Plant Efficient Wastewater Sludge Dewatering System

Belt filter press, also known as belt filter, is a kind of pressure filter equipment that uses filter belt for filtration, which has the following advantages:

1. High filtration efficiency: the belt filter press adopts the way of high pressure filtration, which can effectively squeeze out the water in the aqueous substance, so that the material can be dried quickly, so as to improve the production efficiency.

2. Good purification effect: the belt filter press has the characteristics of high precision and high dehydration efficiency. Belt filter press can not only filter water, but also remove other impurities in the material, has a good purification effect. It can effectively filter out the solid or particulate matter suspended in the liquid, and the quality of the goods produced is more guaranteed.

3. Simple operation: the operation of the belt filter press is very simple, only need to put the water-containing material into the machine, set the relevant parameters can start filtering, and the equipment has automatic control system, can reduce the labor intensity of workers.

4. Durable: the belt filter press has high durability and long service life, which can realize uninterrupted production operation and save the trouble of replacing equipment.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection: the belt filter press only needs to be cleaned regularly when working, which reduces the pollution to the environment and goods, and also reduces the waste of energy.

6. Wide range of application: the belt filter press is suitable for filtering all kinds of water-containing materials, not limited by material viscosity, size, shape and other factors, with great adaptability. Belt filter press is suitable for handling various types of liquids, such as chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.

    Belt filter press system composition:
    Belt filter press is a kind of equipment widely used in sewage treatment, sludge dewatering and other fields, its structural characteristics mainly include the following aspects.

    1. Transmission system: the transmission system of the belt filter press is mainly composed of motor, reducer, drive shaft and conveyor belt. The motor drives the reducer and transmits the power to the conveyor belt through the drive shaft, so that the conveyor belt runs at the set speed. The transmission system has the characteristics of high precision, high stability and high efficiency, which can ensure the normal operation of the equipment and extend the service life.

    2. Conveying system: the conveying system of the belt filter press is mainly composed of conveyor belt, roller and tensing device. The conveyor belt is supported by the idler and maintains a certain tension under the action of the tensioning device. The conveying system has the characteristics of high carrying capacity, high stability and long life, which can ensure the normal operation of the equipment in the harsh working environment.
    3. Filtration system: the filtration system consists of a filter cloth, a filter belt, a filter cake, a press roller and a filtrate collector. The filter cloth is the core part of the whole filtration system. It is composed of one or more layers of filter cloth, which can carry the filter cake and filter out the clean filtrate. The filter belt is a fine mesh canvas, which serves as an auxiliary structure to support the filter cloth and filter pressure. Filter cake is a solid residue formed by waste or solid particles passing through the filter cloth. Filter belts and plates are arranged alternately to form a filter chamber through which sewage flows and solid particles are trapped. By applying pressure, the press roller presses out the water in the filter cake to achieve the effect of sludge dewatering. The press system has the characteristics of efficient dehydration, low energy consumption and low maintenance costs.

    4. Vibration system:
    Vibration system consists of vibration device and vibration motor. Vibration device is through the vibration force provided by the vibration motor to make the whole equipment resonance, so that the press cloth in the process of moving vibration, promote the filter cake fixation and filtrate discharge.

    5. Sink system:
    The sink system consists of a wash tank and a return tank. The washing tank is installed under the press cloth and is used to rinse the filter cake to remove impurities. The return tank is installed below the washing tank to receive the washing liquid discharged from the washing tank and redirect it back to the washing tank for recycling, so as to achieve water resource conservation.T127xt
    6.Control system: The control system of belt filter press is mainly composed of PLC, touch screen, sensor and so on. The control system has the characteristics of high automation, easy operation and high reliability. The working parameters and running status of the equipment can be set through the touch screen, while the sensor can monitor the running status and fault status of the equipment in real time, and timely alarm and treatment.

    7. Safety protection system: the belt filter press is also equipped with a perfect safety protection system, including overload protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, etc. These protective measures can ensure that the equipment is shut down in time under abnormal circumstances to avoid equipment damage and casualties.

    To sum up, belt filter press has the characteristics of compact structure, easy operation, efficient dehydration, etc., widely used in sewage treatment, sludge dewatering and other fields.T13opj

    Components of belt press filtration:
    1.Host frame: national standard carbon steel, high quality national standard square pipe, pipe wall thickness of 10mm overall welding, fluorocarbon surface paint heavy anti-corrosion treatment. The frame of the belt filter press is welded by Angle steel to support other parts.

    2. Large dehydration roller: the use of high quality stainless steel new T-type dewatering tank, high strength dehydration, wear resistance, acid, alkali corrosion, durable.

    3. Drive roller, extrusion roller: high quality natural rubber, high acid, alkali corrosion, wear resistance, effective protection of the filter belt.

    4. Filter belt: ultra-high molecular polyester mesh, good water permeability, easy to clean, easy to peel the filter cake, corrosion resistance, joint tensile strength, long service life.

    5. Bearing: alloy steel parts, double row cylindrical roller bearings, load bearing capacity, and all waterproof and dustproof sealing by the bearing seat.

    6. Using cylinder control tightening and correction. The net belt correction adopts triple correction protection device (pneumatic control; Photoelectric control; Trip control) to ensure the normal operation of the net belt.

    7. Air bag: through the double layer action of cylinder and air bag, the pressure roller is tightened, extrusion and dehydration, more flexible.

    8. The sink and cleaning box are made of high quality PVC plate, which is corrosion resistant and durable. The filtrate collected by the belt filter press is finally discharged into the trench through the drain of the liquid collecting disk at the bottom of the belt press.

    Working principle of belt filter press

    Belt filter press is mainly composed of the following parts: transmission device, gravity dehydration section, wedge dehydration section, high pressure dehydration section, washing section and filter belt, etc. After the material enters the belt filter press, it first enters the gravity dehydration section and removes most of the free water through natural settlement. At this time, the material moves forward by the conveyor belt. Then the material enters the wedge dewatering section, and under the action of gravity and friction, the material is further dehydrated and gradually forms the filter cake.

    The high pressure dewatering section is the core part of the belt filter press, which is composed of several high pressure rollers and filter belts. The high pressure roller presses the filter cake at high pressure, so that the water in the material is forced to discharge. At the same time, the filter belt carries on the reverse friction to the material, makes the material loose, is conducive to the further discharge of water. After high pressure dehydration, the water in the material is basically removed, forming a drier filter cake.

    If the filter cake needs to be washed, it can enter the washing section. The washing solution removes residual impurities and harmful substances from the filter cake by making reverse contact with the filter cake. Finally, the filter cake is unloaded and collected in the output unit.

    Working process of belt filter press:

    1. Initial state: the press cloth is close to the drum from the feeding end, and part of the drum is immersed in the slurry. The press cloth starts to move to the discharging end with the drive of the operation system.

    2. Feed: the solid and liquid mixture is evenly sprayed on the press cloth, and gradually forms a layer of filter cake with the movement of the press cloth.

    3. Filtration: the solid-liquid mixture passes through the filter cloth, and the liquid part enters the filtrate collector through the filter cloth, while the solid part remains on the filter cloth to form a filter cake.

    4. Press: when the filter cake is formed, the pressure begins to exert pressure on the filter cake to make the filter cake more dense and improve the filtration effect.

    5. Washing: when the filter cake goes into the washing tank through the full length of the filter cloth, the water in the washing tank is sprayed on the filter cake to remove the impurities

    6. Vibration: the vibration of the filter cake through the vibration device makes it more dense and promotes the elimination of filtrate

    7. Discharge: the filter cake falls off on a part of the drum, the filter cake is transported to the discharge end, and the filtrate continues to enter the filtrate collector through the filter cloth.

    8. Recycling: the filtered filtrate is diverted back to the sink for recycling, so as to save resources.

    In short, the belt filter press through the continuous movement of the filter cloth, the formation and pressing of the filter cake, washing, vibration and other steps to achieve the separation of solid and liquid mixture, get clean filtrate and solid filter cake. It has the advantages of simple operation, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and is widely used in industrial production.

    Maintenance and maintenance of belt filter press:

    For the belt filter press, in addition to the need to carefully check and pay attention to the relevant matters before starting the machine, in the actual operation should be according to the change of the mud into the mud, the belt speed, with tension, sludge conditioning, mud into the amount and mud into the solid load and other aspects of the adjustment at any time. Belt filter press, in the daily operation, due to the relatively bad production environment, high loss of equipment, it is necessary to do a good job in the daily maintenance of equipment. Specifically, it is necessary to observe and pay attention to the maintenance of the dewatering machine from the following aspects:

    1. Pay attention to observe the damage of the filter belt, and replace the new filter belt in time. The service life of the filter belt is generally between 6 and 14 months. If the filter belt is damaged prematurely, the cause should be analyzed. The damage of the filter belt is often manifested as tearing, corrosion or aging. The reasons for the damage are the unqualified material or size of the filter belt, the unreasonable joint of the filter belt, the uneven tension caused by the irregular rolling cylinder, and the insensitive correction system.

    2. Ensure sufficient washing time of press cloth. After the dehydrator stops working, the filter belt must be rinsed immediately. Generally speaking, the treatment of 1000kg dry sludge needs about 15 ~ 20m3 of washing water, the washing water of each meter of filter belt is about 10m3/h, and the washing time of more than 6h should be guaranteed every day, and the washing pressure is generally not less than 600kPa.

    3, regular repair and maintenance of the mechanical parts, such as timely addition of lubricating oil, timely replacement of wearing parts, regular anti-corrosion treatment of the easily corroded parts, etc.
    4. Analyze the water quality of filtrate regularly, and judge whether the dehydration effect is reduced through the change of filtrate water quality. Under normal circumstances, the filtrate water SS value is between 200 and 1000mg/L, and BOD5 is between 200 and 800mg/L; The rinse water had SS values between 1000 and 2000mg/L and BOD5 values between 100 and 500mg/L. If the water quality is not in the above range, it means that the control of process parameters such as flushing times, flushing water quantity and flushing duration is too large or too small.

    5. The malodorous gas in the dewatering machine room not only affects the health of the body, but also corrodes the equipment. Therefore, the easily corroded part of the dewatering machine should be regularly anticorrosive treatment, strengthen indoor ventilation. Increasing the frequency of air change can also effectively reduce the degree of corrosion.

    6. When increasing the amount of sludge, the tension of the belt should be adjusted in time, so as not to cause too much tension of the belt, so that the belt runs off or is discounted.

    7. During operation, check the relevant parts of the machine every half hour. Such as: the tension of the belt, the direction of the belt, whether the sludge is evenly distributed in the filter belt, whether the belt is deviated, etc.

    Application of belt filter press in environmental protection industry:

    With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the increasingly serious environmental pollution, solid-liquid separation technology has become particularly important in the environmental protection industry. As an efficient and reliable solid-liquid separation equipment, belt filter press is widely used in environmental protection industry. The following introduces the application fields and advantages of belt filter press in environmental protection industry, and shows its important role in environmental protection and sustainable development.

    Wastewater treatment: Belt filter press plays a key role in the field of wastewater treatment. It can treat various types of wastewater, including industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater and agricultural wastewater, etc. Through the process of solid-liquid separation, the belt filter press separates the solid particles and pollutants in the wastewater from the liquid, so as to realize the purification and recycling of wastewater. Through this treatment method, not only the discharge of wastewater can be reduced, the waste of water resources can be reduced, but also the water environment can be protected and the quality of water can be improved.
    Industrial waste treatment: A large amount of solid waste will be generated in the process of industrial production, which contains valuable substances and energy. The belt filter press can separate the liquid components of solid waste to achieve the reduction of solid waste. By pressing and dewatering solid waste, belt filter presses can reduce the volume of waste, reduce the pressure on landfills, and improve the utilization rate of waste.

    Sludge treatment: The sludge produced by sewage treatment plants is a solid waste with high water content. Belt filter press plays an important role in sludge treatment. It can remove water from the sludge, reduce the volume and weight of the sludge, and reduce the occupation of landfills. At the same time, through the pressing process, the belt filter press can fix the organic matter in the sludge, reduce the release of odor and pollutants, and realize the stabilization of the sludge treatment.

    Waste gas treatment: the belt filter press can not only deal with the solid-liquid separation problem, but also can be used for the separation of solid particles in the waste gas treatment process. In industrial production, the exhaust gas emitted often contains solid particles, such as soot and dust. Belt filter press through the role of the filter belt, the solid particles in the exhaust gas to capture, purify the exhaust gas, reduce the pollution of the atmospheric environment.